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Korean Books & Music. LTD

Korean Books and Music is located in Niles, Illinois, and was founded in 1986. For 27 years, it is the only book store in the midwest providing Korean books and music.

In 2013, we have effectively paved a bridge between librarians across the country via internet in delivering Korean culture.

Online Catalog for the Librarian

This website is for the librarians who want to select Korean collection for their libraries. This online catalog provides information of Korean materials that are already in the WorldCat, so the librarian that doesn’t know the Korean language can select Korean materials without worry. We try to provide the information: ISBN no., OCLC no., Korean Title, Transliteration, Translation, description, price and so on.

Register to have the permission accessing the online catalog

1) Please register if you want to use our online catalog.

2) Once you submit the register form, we give you the permission to use the online catalog. Usually, it takes within 24 hours.

How to order

1) You can add items to the cart that you want to place orders on.

2) Go to the cart, and press the button “Check out.” (We don’t have an online payment system, and your order will be processed by email.)

3) Billing information/Shipping Information
Press the button, “Continue” of the Billing information is same with your library’s address.

4) Shipping Method
If the amount of the order is under $150.00, there will be a flat rate $15.00 for UPS GROUND (3-5 business days) shipping. If the amount of the order is over $150.00, SHIPPING IS FREE. Press the button, “Continue.”

5) Payment Information
We usually accept Credit Card, Check, and Money Order from the library.

6) Order Review
You can see the all items that you are ordering.
Press the button “Place Order”, and your order will be submitted by email.

Shipping Information

We deliver the items by UPS GROUND (3-5 business days) only in the U.S except a few states that the UPS doesn’t reach their services.

Refund and Exchange

No refunds are provided, however an exchange is an option, but the library is responsible for the shipping.